Acitve Research - High Rate Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Mixed supermarket waste

Supermarket Waste Supermarket waste to energy.  The development of equipment to separate packaging materials such as flexible plastic wrapping, high density plastic tubs, cellophane and so from the organic fraction has cleared the way to recover energy and water from out date and damaged produce.

    • 40 tonnes per day of supermarket waste will generate sufficient biogas to power a 1.2MW cogenerator to produce electricity and heat – 24 hours per day. 1MW is sufficient to power 2000 homes.
    • Heat recovered can be utilised to power an absorption chiller – refrigeration.
    • Ultra sound pre-treatment ensures minimal residual sludge
    • Suitable products for anaerobic digestion of supermarket waste include cosmetically challenged fruit and vegetables, out of date dairy products, breads, deli products and fish or meat waste.
    • High rate digestion will better manage cost of disposal of food waste
    • Reduction of energy costs with an achievable return on investment in three years.
    • Significantly reduce green house gas emissions – One kWh of electricity generated from brown coal will generate 1.4kg’s of green house gas. Energy generated from biogas is from “old” carbon – no new carbon to atmosphere.
    • Effectively address your company’s legal and moral obligations in relation to global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.
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