Acitve Research - High Rate Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Sewage Sludge

Sewage Sludge High rate anaerobic digestion of thickened primary sewage sludge is a worthwhile option where maximum biogas and minimum footprint is required.

  • Pre-treatment of the sludge (mechanical) to reduce particle size followed by sonication (ultra sound)are a pre-requisite to minimise potential issues within the reactor.
  • Exhaustive trials undertaken by Active Research to better understand pre-treatment protocols have revealed that hydraulic retention times can be considerably reduced if in-feed is appropriately conditioned.
  • Biogas production increased ¬†substantially.
  • Biosolids generation reduced
  • Methane value of biogas lifted to >70%
  • Hydraulic retention time drastically reduced.
  • Chemical requirement reduced¬†
  • Rapid digestion of proteins reduces sulphide generation.


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