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Rendering Water

Rendering WaterThis difficult to treat waste is a product of the meat rendering industry and may contain solids such as hair, fat, paunch material and blood – water is produced in large quantities.

  • Utilising ultra sound for cell lysis, floc disintegration and high rate fixed film anaerobic digestion for improved gas generation, as much as 500m³ biogas will be produced for every 50 kl waste water treated.
  • As rendering can produce large quantities of high COD waste water, the energy recovery will be substantial.
  • Water recovered will be suitable for wash-down purposes
  • Odour reduction
  • Waste water discharge fees reduced with BOD reduction in the order of 90-95%
  • Sonication is known to reduce both nitrogen and colour levels within the waste water stream
  • COD is increased with sonication and therefore adds to the volume of gas generated. This is due to cell lysis and the ability of microbes to digest material not normally availability to them. 
  • Reduced chemical costs

(Right) Test gas flare burning biogas from rendering waste water.



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