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Chicken processing offal

Chicken processing offalOffal from poultry processing comprising blood, intestines, fat, carcass’s and heads but not feathers is a rich source of potential energy. Waste industry figures indicate that for every 100,000 chickens processed 32 tonnes of organic waste (wet weight) will be produced). Waste to energy

  • Utilising high rate fixed film digestion plus ultra sound this material will generate roughly 6,400m³ high quality biogas per day (Methane).
  • 6,400m³ of biogas will power a cogenerator with the capacity to produce 750kW electricity plus 100kW heat.
  • Reduce energy bills with an achievable return on investment in three years.
  • The environmental benefit will be a reduction of 1,125 kg’s CO2 emitted to atmosphere. 
  • Water recovered may be used for wash down, irrigation or other purposes.  
  • Waste disposal costs will be eliminated or significantly reduced.
  • Smell from stored waste reduced or eliminated.
  • Water discharge fees will be significantly reduced as COD/BOD and nutrient levels can be reduced by up to 95%
  • Effectively address your company’s legal and moral obligations in relation to global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.


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