Acitve Research - High Rate Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Pilot Plant

Pilot PlantActive Research provides a fully operational, trailer mounted treatment plant that allows for “live” testing and process demonstration on the clients premises. Every waste stream is in varying degrees different to the next. The demonstration trailer is therefore very beneficial in providing stream results quickly. The unit houses an on-board testing facility to provide “real time” results. Tests available on liquid organic material include COD, TKN, P, sulphides, NH3, O3 and sludge profiles. Power is available for testing at remote sites if required, with an on-board 3 phase 10 KVA power plant. With a digester capacity of 1700 L/per day, and the equivalent of a 24 hour retention time, this exciting technology saves time, money and brings process certainty to the client. The mobile demonstration unit is believed to be a logical step between the laboratory and full scale development. 

The test and development initiative is contributing to Active Research’s inclusive data base in relation to the treatment of numerous waste streams. This experience is leading to further equipment development which in turn will become available to our clients.




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