Acitve Research - High Rate Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Fruit and Vegetables, market and processing waste

Fruit and Vegetables, market and processing wasteElectricity, water, heat and refrigeration from fruit and vegetable waste. The economics are tangible and the environmental considerations are positive. The existing methods to simply collect, cart and landfill waste no longer meets with community or regulatory expectations. Organic waste is stored energy.

  • Mixed unsalable food product is collected from point of generation, contaminants removed and with the aid of sonication anaerobically digested to produce water and biogas.
  •  Biogas which is predominantly methane is then used to run a combined heat and power plant to produce thermal energy and electricity. Thermal energy can be utilized to generate hot water or run refrigeration units.
  • High rate fixed film digestion will substantially reduce waste disposal charges
  • Reduce energy bills with an achievable return on investment in three years.
  • Effectively address your company’s legal and moral obligations in relation to global warming and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Nil odour from waste treatment facility



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