Acitve Research - High Rate Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Manufactured dairy products

Manufactured dairy productsWaste cheese, whey, cream and yoghurt or in fact any dairy product with a level of fat and protein will have the capacity to generate significant quantities of waste to energy and water available for re-use. Industry experience revealed a COD level of around 50,000mg/l  for cheese whey. With the benefit of ultra sound to prepare this type of waste stream for high rate fixed film digestion hydraulic retention in the reactor is reduced to about 24 hours which is reflected in a smaller footprint for a waste facility.

  • Disposal of cheese whey and similar products can be an expensive operation and the problem will be exacerbated if waste food can no longer be fed to farm animals as is happening in Europe.
  • Biogas generated from the digestion of these products will reduce waste water and solids disposal costs
  • Provide certainty of economical disposal
  • Reduction of waste disposal charges
  • Reduce energy costs – 10, 000 litres wastewater/whey at 50mg/l will produce 1,400kW energy
  • Gas produced can be utilised to feed a boiler or alternatively power a cogeneration unit to produce electricity and heat.
  • Surplus heat mat be utilised to run an absorption chiller for refrigeration.
  • Water recovery from process



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