Acitve Research - High Rate Anaerobic Digestion Systems

Company History

Active Research was formed in August 2000 with the objective of designing, building and managing high rate fixed film anaerobic digestion systems. It soon became obvious that considerable work was required to develop and better understand complimentary technology. Areas of particular interest included fixed film reactors, ultra sound for preparation of influent material, and mechanical disintegration where required and last but not least recovery of water and energy from organic waste. A very broad range of waste material was trialled so as to provide a comprehensive background.

The company focus is directed at minimum hydraulic retention time and minimum footprint.

As a result of this work and the construction of our mobile pilot plant the company is now in an excellent position to offer a full service installation. Product analysis, pilot testing of waste stream, facility design, construction and management from the point of receipt of your waste until the water and energy is returned is offered.


With the cost of energy, water and waste management charges rising exponentially organic waste can no longer be viewed as waste. Instead it is a tangible product created as a result of photosynthesis, water and nutrient uptake – ENERGY.

Food waste, particularly items high in sugar and fat, - are very high in energy potential. The technology is here in Australia to recover considerable amounts of electricity, heat and water from this waste. By doing so, we are able to lower your carbon footprint thus addressing any present or future regulatory compliance issues.

Internationally, particularly in Europe the recovery of energy from waste is a very widespread and well understood technology across industrial, agricultural and water treatment sectors.

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